Home of the UK’s Number 1 Gravity Massage Chair.


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Home of the UK’s Number 1 Gravity Massage Chair.

Our Gravity Massage Chairs use state-of-the-art technology & artificial intelligence to provide a truly unique and incredible experience. Having been developed by experts and experienced massage therapists, you’ve never experienced a massage quite like this.

GSport Customers

Therapeutic Benefits

Dedicated to comfort and relaxation, the GSport Massage Chair is everyone’s natural energy booster. This is the new age of Therapeutic Sports Massage.

Effective Pain Relief

The GSport Massage Chair can perform a special massage on any part of the body, relieving pain effectively. It is particularly recommended for removing pain from the back, waist, and neck.

Recovery from Fatigue

Through the full-body surrounding airbags and unique palm squeezing simulation technique, this chair provides delicate and soft air pressure -promoting the blood circulation, relaxing the muscles and joints and eliminating fatigue.


Read some of the positive feedback we received from Pure Gym members after they used our massage chairs.

Very relaxing, helped loosen up my muscles :).

I’m already a PWS member but the massage chairs would definitely be an added bonus to keep my membership.
Massage chairs are just what you need after a session.
Full body massage feels good.

Very relaxing! Great! Very Fun! Superb! I recommend highly! Totally Awesome!

Great atmosphere + use of equipment, loving and enjoying my time at the gym once again.