Our Support & Services

Rest assured that we will look after you to the highest possible standard as a valued customer of GSPORT.

Through Years of Experience, we know exactly what service & support you expect from a Professional Company such as ours and this is nothing short of Excellent.

You can expect quality service and support from first contact with GSPORT & ongoing Throughout our professional business relationship.

We have listed Some key points below to ensure your service and support will never be less than second to none.

Our technicians and assembly team have a vast wealth of experience in their field with top-class customer service & communication skills to make the customer feel completely at ease in their Home or Business.

We thrive on a 24/48 Hour National call-out time from First contact of any issue or problem.

Our leading communication facilities make sure we are in contact with you every step of the way.

We are always flexible and fit around your busy schedule wherever possible.

A fully detailed report including images and any relevant information will be recorded & sent upon request to you whether you’re a Residential or Business Customer.

This enables full traceability on any Service, Repair, or maintenance carried out.

Thank you for Choosing GSPORT by Gravity Massage Chairs.


Read some of the positive feedback we received from Pure Gym members after they used our massage chairs.

Very relaxing, helped loosen up my muscles :).

I’m already a PWS member but the massage chairs would definitely be an added bonus to keep my membership.
Massage chairs are just what you need after a session.
Full body massage feels good.

Very relaxing! Great! Very Fun! Superb! I recommend highly! Totally Awesome!

Great atmosphere + use of equipment, loving and enjoying my time at the gym once again.